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The IXth SWS conference on Social Sciences ISCSS2022 “When Science meets Art” will be focused on the exceptional lands of intersection between three great branches of Humanitarian thought – Social Sciences, Cultural Studies and Arts. Together we shall explore the possible multidisciplinary approaches to deal with human subjectivity, society and their interconnections by putting the accent on the synthesis of Human and Natural Sciences, of Art and Science. 

“Some of the big challenges that we face, both societal and scientific, are just not solvable by people sitting in their single-discipline silos – bringing those disciplines together in the long term is what provides the big, big breakthroughs…” says Kedar Pandya of the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC). This is the power of the interdisciplinarity - more effectively 'joining up' the contributions of different disciplines.     




    You shall experience a fine selection of presentations, studies and papers in the main branches of Social Sciences gathering the more objective and scientific side of human sciences as Political Sciences, Law, Business and Management, Psychology, Human Geography, Cultural Studies, Media and Communications, Social History and Sociology as well as Urban studies, Planing and Development. Read More
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    The wreath of human culture is weaved from the fabric of Science and Art. They are the mind and the senses of one society. The VII SWS Conference of Social Sciences – Sessions “When Science meets Art” will focus on the possible multidisciplinary approaches between science and art in order to prove them worthy to soothe the existential conditions and necessities of the society once again... Read More
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  • COVID19 - The New Challenge of the Modern Society

    COVID19 - The New Challenge of the Modern Society

    There are many speculations about the causes and the origins of Coronavirus (Covid-19). From hypotheses that it was invented in a laboratory and intentionally spread around the world to the suggestions that it is all a geopolitical hyper-scheming and media manipulation. No matter what are the real roots of the Coronavirus, the fact is that there are many sick people, entire metropolises are at lockdown, and so far, the increasing levels of the disease are out of control... Read More
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  •  ART meets SCIENCE in the time of a PANDEMIC

    ART meets SCIENCE in the time of a PANDEMIC

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our way of life has dramatically changed. It has affected all spheres of human activities – social, cultural, economic, and even our everyday routines. A great crisis in human relations and welfare has taken place, so we have to face that problem seriously. However, it is not only our physical health that we should consider but also our psychological condition... Read More
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The 8th SWS conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS) – Sessions “When Science meets Art” will synthesize tradition and cutting-edge theories in order to restore the ancient union between Science and Art!
Come and join the double experience of being part of one of the biggest scientific forums as well as spending exceptional moments in the top Christmas destination!