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The Life and Work of The Musical Genius

Thanks to the kind hospitality of the SGEM partner - MOZARTHAUS Vienna, every SGEM participant can visit the museum every day by his wish from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. free of charge!

Mozarthaus Vienna presents the work and life of the musical genius Wolfgang Mozart. There the visitors can explore the only preserved Vienna apartment of Mozart’s, where he composed more music than anywhere else! In this flat the Mozart fans can enjoy a comprehensive presentation of the times when Mozart lived and of his major works. The exhibition is focused on the greatest years of the composer in Vienna and represents the best of his creativity. In addition to the permanent exhibition, a special exhibition also takes place in Mozarthaus Vienna - an exhibition of the Austrian National Library in Mozarthaus Vienna. You can have the chance to visit this special exhibition named “MOZART ON THE WAY TO IMMORTALITY. Genius and Posterity“. There is also a museum shop, where major publications about Mozart’s work and life are available.


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