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Poster Material Guidelines

POSTER Presentations

Papers that are intended to be presented during POSTER SESSION, have to be prepared by the author/s as a poster with relevant charts, drawings, photos in color, format A1/Portrait.

We kindly recommend you to check our section: Helpful Downloads!

  • 1. The title of an effective poster should quickly orient the audience.
  • 2. The poster should quickly orient the audience to the subject and purpose.
  • 3. You should design the individual sections of a poster so that they can be quickly read.
  • 4. The specific sections such as the results should be easy to locate on the poster.
  • SIZE

    The size of the poster material must be max A1 / layout PORTRAIT. It is recommended to keep this format in order to fit the Poster stands

    Title of the poster must be written on top (in bold, capital letters) including names of the authors and their titles and institutions - all centered

    Drawings, photos and lettering should be large and clear enough so that the poster is readable from a distance of 1 or 2 m


    Do not use paper background and other dark colored watermarks! It would make your poster less readable

  • 1


Authors are responsible for PRINTING and BRINGING the poster material by themselves as well as to EXPOSE it at the respective poster stand 5 min before the start of thir POSTER session. Every poster stand will have a NUMBER Please put a visible mark on your poster materials showing the exact day, time, number of your poster presentation.

For your convenience, there is an option, the Organizing Team to PRINT (in full color / 4x4),
the poster material instead of you and EXPOSE it regarding the daily plenary programme.
If you feel interest in this opportunity, please CHECK this option while submitting your paper on-line at the My ARTICLES section.

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Helpful Downloads

Key Guidelines / Poster Material :: PDF File

Poster Properties/ Poster Template Preview :: PDF File

Poster Properties/ Poster Template Download:: RAR File (pptx File)

SWS Vienna ART Logo/ SWS Vienna ART Logo Download:: png File (png File)


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